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How to get started

Unsure where to start? Read the SA Studio User Guide to find out how SA Studio works. Or dive right in with one of our many getting started guides.

Getting started guides

Take a look at one of our getting started guides for a platform that you have available. They show you how to install SA Engine on a specific platform and run it as an edge device connected to your SA Studio Federation.

The recommended way to read the guides is to launch SA Studio and read them inside the SA Studio environment. But if you do not want to log in you can always read the guides online:

Download egde clients

Maybe you are already familiar with SA Studio and SA Engine and just want to download some edge clients for a specific platform. Then go straight to the download page.


The documentation is available inside your SA Studio environment. From there you can run all the OSQL examples live, similar to a Jupyter Notebook. But the documentation is also available online if you want to read the documentation without having to register.


We would love to get your feedback on our GitHub discussion forum. Why not share your latest models with other peers?

Data disclaimer

SA Studio Community Edition is a streaming analytics platform that enable processes to work with data and develop models based on data and data streams. No user data or user created data is saved and stored unless a user explicitly uses the tools in the platform to do so. No data is stored in any external storage unless a user explicitly send the data there.

When using an edge device, no processing is done with the device sensors unless a user explicitly run queries requesting data streams. The data never leaves the edge device and is not stored, unless a user explicitly run a query sending the data to the platform for usage or storage.

The server of the platform will periodically go into sleep mode whereby data will not be stored unless a user chose to do so. An exception is all files stored under the menu “your models” that will be kept so a user can resume work.