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Installing SA Engine on NXP i.MX8

SA Engine can be installed on NXP i.MX8 in two ways. Either through a guided installation process from within SA Studio or manually by downloading the SA Engine edge client to your NXP i.MX8.

Install using SA Studio guide

SA Studio contains an interactive guide for installing edge clients on some selected platforms. It will also guide you through how to start the SA Engine edge client and connect SA Engine to your SA Studio instance.

  1. Start SA Studio, either the cloud instance here: If you have an enterprise license you might also have access to SA Studio in your proprietary cloud or on you local machine (ask your system administrator for guidance).

  2. Go to the Devices tab.

  3. Select Get Started in the devices menu.

  4. Click the i.MX 8 icon.

  5. Follow the instructions.

SA Studio Connect Edge Guide

Install SA Engine manually

SA Engine edge clients are available for download on the download page You must be signed in to access the download page.

  1. Go to

  2. Download the file sa_engine_imx8.tar.gz.

  3. Extract the zip archive.

  4. Change directory to sa.engine/bin

  5. Start SA Engine by running ./sa.engine


The zip file has a copy button next to its name. Clicking the button will copy a curl command for downloading the file to the clipboard. This makes it convenient to download the file directly to the device by executing the curl command on the device.