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SA Engine Version 5 Installation Guide

With the release of SA Engine version 5, we have transitioned from SA Studio desktop to our new plugin for Visual Studio Code (VSCode). For details on this change, please visit our documentation on SA-VSCode.

However, if you still prefer using SA Studio locally, follow the steps below:


  1. SA Engine Core Installation: Make sure you've installed SA Engine core on your system. After installation, add the bin directory to your system PATH. For detailed steps, refer to the SA Engine Installation Overview.
  2. Node.js Installation: Ensure you've installed Node.js version 14 or newer. Add it to your system PATH.

Steps to Run SA Studio Locally:

  1. Navigate to the sa.engine/bin directory.

  2. Execute the file. Here are the available commands:

    > --help

    Utility script for installing and running SA Studio against your local SA Engine.
    Usage: <option> [COMMAND] <arguments>

    --help, -h Print help.

    reset Remove default version.
    install <Version x.y.z> Install version x.y.z.
    uninstall <Version x.y.z> Uninstall version x.y.z.
    run <Version x.y.z> Run version x.y.z.
    run Run default version or interactive install.
    list List installed studios.
    available List studio versions available for download.

    Note: For versions up to 5.1.0, there's no executable included in the download. Instead, you can call the studio() function from within sa.engine. This action is equivalent to executing without arguments.

  3. Once SA Studio is running, access it via a browser by navigating to http://localhost:3001.

Visual Guide:

Please refer to the attached image for a visual representation of the complete flow.