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Query Language

A query language is a programming language used to communicate with a database management system and retrieve data that matches a specified set of criteria. It provides a way for users to interact with the database and retrieve the data they need without requiring them to have a deep understanding of the underlying database architecture.

In general, declarative query languages allow the user to specify what they want the end result to be, without having to specify how to get there.

OSQL, the query language used by SA Engine, is a declarative, high-level language designed to work with data streams. OSQL allows users to write queries in a concise and intuitive way, abstracting away many of the low-level details of stream processing.

One of the key features that makes OSQL unique is its support for object-oriented programming, allowing users to work with complex data types such as strings, numbers, vectors, matrices, and tensors. OSQL also provides a powerful set of functions and operators, enabling users to easily manipulate and analyze data streams.

Another unique feature of OSQL is its support for real-time processing, allowing users to analyze data streams as they arrive. This is critical for applications such as IoT, where data is generated and needs to be processed in real-time.

Overall, OSQL is a powerful and intuitive query language that makes it easy to work with real-time data streams. Its support for complex data types, powerful functions and operators, and real-time processing make it a unique and powerful tool for stream processing applications.