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Stream processing

Stream processing is the analysis and processing of continuous streams of data in real-time. It is useful for handling large volumes of data generated at high velocity, such as those in financial trading systems, social media platforms, and IoT applications.

SA Engine is an example system that can be used for stream processing. As a main memory database, data stream management system, and computation engine, SA Engine is well-suited for real-time data processing.

The benefits of using SA Engine for stream processing include handling high-velocity data streams with low latency and ingesting and processing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources in real-time.

SA Engine's computation engine enables real-time machine learning and predictive analytics, complex computations, and generating alerts and notifications based on predefined rules and thresholds.

SA Engine's JIT compiler further improves the efficiency of computations, supporting more complex computations and improved scalability. These benefits make SA Engine a powerful tool for stream processing and real-time data analytics applications.