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Complex number


abs(Complex v)->Real

complex(Real re,Real im)->Complex

Constructor and accessors for complex numbers

div(Complex x,Complex y)->Complex z

div(Real x,Complex y)->Complex

div(Complex x,Real y)->Complex

div(Vector v,Complex y)->Vector of Complex

div(Complex x,Vector w)->Vector of Complex

exp(Complex x)->Complex

Natural exponent e^x

im(Complex c)->Real im

The imaginary part of a complex number

im(Vector of Complex v)->Vector of Real

The imaginary numbers of a complex vector

minus(Complex x,Complex y)->Complex z

minus(Real x,Complex y)->Complex

minus(Complex x,Real y)->Complex

minus(Vector v,Complex y)->Vector of Complex

minus(Complex x,Vector w)->Vector of Complex

plus(Real x,Complex y)->Complex

plus(Complex x,Complex y)->Complex

Addition and subtraction of complex numbers

plus(Complex x,Vector w)->Vector of Complex

plus(Complex x,Real y)->Complex

plus(Vector v,Complex y)->Vector of Complex

re(Complex c)->Real re

The real part of a complex number

re(Vector of Complex v)->Vector of Real

The real numbers of a complex vector

times(Complex x,Real y)->Complex

times(Complex x,Complex y)->Complex

Multiplication and division of complex numbers

times(Complex x,Vector w)->Vector of Complex

times(Real x,Complex y)->Complex

times(Vector v,Complex y)->Vector of Complex