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cancel_edge_cq(Charstring edge,Object id)->Object

edge:get_manager(Charstring edgeid)->Charstring

Get edge manager for edgeid

edge:group_managers(Vector of Charstring edges)->Bag of (Charstring,
Vector of Charstring)


The last updated actual state of this edge device.


The current desired state of this edge device.


Start an autonomous edge

edge_cq(Vector of Charstring edges,Charstring cq,Record opts)->Stream

edge_cq(Charstring manager,Vector of Charstring edges,Charstring query,
Record opts)->Stream

edge_cq(Charstring edge,Charstring cq,Record opts)->Stream

Execute continuous query cq on edge with options opts Options can contain the following fields:

  • store-and-forward: String - name of store-and-foward stream. Used to enable store and forward and to retrieve forwarded data in a later stage. When store and forward is enabled data is buffered for forward-interval number of seconds before attempting to send it to the requesting server. When store and forward is enabled the options buffer-in-memory and buffer-size will both affect the amount of data to store between forwards.

  • store-and-forward-interval: Number of seconds between each forward attempt.

  • buffer-on-disk: Set to true to buffer intermediate data on disk in log_directory()/snf/<store-and-forward-name> instead of in memory.

  • buffer-size: Number of rows to store in buffer, when buffer is full evict the least recently pushed row - default value: 1000.

edge_cq(Vector of Charstring edges,Charstring cq)->Stream

Broadcast continuous query cq to edges and merge result streams

edge_cq(Charstring edge,Charstring cq)->Stream

Execute continuous query cq on edge

edge_cq0(Charstring manager,Vector of Charstring edges,Charstring query,
Record opts)->Stream

edge_listener(Charstring edgespec)->Charstring

Register this peer as edge in edge server where edgespec is edge or edge@host or edge@host:port or edge@:port

edge_listening(Charstring edgeid)->Boolean

Check if an edge named edgeid is listening


Set edge mgr status of this sa.engine instance

edge_mgr_assignment(Charstring assignment)->Boolean

Alter the edge mgr assignment. Valid input is basic, manual, scale

edge_query(Charstring edge,Charstring query)->Object

edge_query(Charstring edge,Charstring query,Record opts)->Object

edge_status()->Bag of Record

get_snf_file(Charstring edgeid,Charstring flow)->Charstring

get_snf_files(Charstring edgeid,Charstring flow)->Bag of Charstring

get_snf_folder(Charstring edgeid)->Charstring dir

get_snf_log(Charstring edgeid,Charstring snf)->Stream of Vector

listening_edges()->Vector of Charstring

Return names of all listening edge peers

name(Edgequery eq)->Charstring

Name of the edge query eq. This is a unique identifier of this edge query. This name can be used to find this request and also stop it using cancel_edge_cq on a server in the federation.

options(Edgequery eq)->Record

Options for the stored edge query eq. This is the same record that can be used as options in edge_cq. See Topics->Edge or Store and forward for more details

run_stored_edge_queries()->Bag of Charstring

Sun all stored edge queries on this peer.

run_stored_edge_query(Edgequery eq)->Charstring

Start stored edge query eq.

run_stored_edge_query(Charstring name)->Charstring

Start stored edge query named name

snf_csv_storer(Stream s,Charstring eid,Charstring flow,Record params)->Boolean

snf_json_storer(Stream s,Charstring eid,Charstring flow,Record params)

snf_publish_storer(Stream s,Charstring eid,Charstring flow,Record params)

start_edge(Charstring edgespec)->Charstring

Start edge edgespec on this comuter

start_edges(Vector of Charstring edgespecs)->Vector of Charstring

Start edge peers on this computer in parallel

statement(Edgequery eq)->Charstring

Statement of the edge query eq. An OSQL statment as a string that will be run when this EdgeQuery is started. This is the same as the statement argument in a regular edge_cq