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File system


all_files_under(Charstring folder)->Bag of (Charstring,Charstring)

Get all files somewhere under folder along with their relative path from folder

base_filename(Charstring path)->Charstring

The Unix style file name part of path

cd(Charstring folder)->Charstring

Set current wroking directory

create_folder(Charstring folder)->Charstring

dir(Charstring d)->Bag of Charstring

List files in directory named d. Empty d lists files in current working directory pwd()

dir(Charstring path,Charstring pat)->Bag of Charstring d

List files in directory path whose names match the pattern pat

dir()->Bag of Charstring

List files in current working directory pwd()

directories_in(Charstring f)->Bag of Charstring

Get names of all directories in folder f

directoryp(Charstring path)->Boolean

Is a path a directory?

dirpath(Charstring file)->Charstring

Convert file to Unix style filename ended with a single /

filedate(Charstring file)->Timeval

The time when file was last updated

file_exists(Charstring file)->Boolean

Does file exists?

file_lines(Charstring file)->Number

The number of lines in file

file_path(Charstring nm)->Charstring

The Unix style path to file named nm

find_file(Charstring folder,Charstring file)->Charstring

Get full path to first occurence of file somewhere under folder

folder_of(Charstring path)->Charstring f

The Unix style folder name of path

full_filenames(Charstring f,Charstring pat)->Bag of Charstring

Get the paths to the files in folder f that match pattern pat

load_osql(Charstring file,Charstring tn)->Charstring

Evaluate OSQL statements in file belonging to topic named tn

load_osql(Charstring file)->Charstring

Evaluate OSQL statements in file


Go back to folder before last pushd(path)

pushd(Charstring path)->Charstring

Make path current working directory. Go back with popd()


The current working directory

read_file(Charstring file)->Charstring

Get contents of file as a string


User's home folder

subdirectories(Charstring f)->Bag of Charstring

Get names of all directories under folder f, including f


User's folder for temporary files

write_file(Charstring cont,Charstring filename)->Charstring

Write cont into filename

write_filepath(Charstring cont,Charstring path)->Charstring