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High order


apply(Function f,Vector args)->Bag of Vector

Call the OSQL function f with parameters args. Return result tuple as bag of vectors

call(Function f)->Object

call(Function f,Object x,Object y)->Object

call(Function f,Object x)->Object

call(Function f,Object x,Object y,Object z)->Object

call(Function f,Object x,Object y,Object z,Object a)->Object

call_union(Vector of Function fn)->Object

call_union(Vector of Function fn,Object x,Object y)->Object

call_union(Vector of Function fn,Object x)->Object

call_union(Vector of Function fn,Object x,Object y,Object z)->Object

eval(Charstring x)->Bag

Evaluate expression x

evalv(Charstring x)->Bag of Vector

Evaluate expression x and return bag of row vectors

mapvector(Function fn,Vector v)->Vector

Apply function fn on each element of vector v