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String identifying the current version of sa.engine:

system_version() -> Charstring

Quit sa.engine:


If the system is registered as a peer it will be removed from the name server.

The redirect statement reads OSQL statements from a file:

redirect-stmt ::= '<' string-constant


   < 'person.osql';

Load a master file, filename, containing an OSQL script defining a subsystem:

   loadSystem(Charstring dir, Charstring filename)->Charstring

The current directory is temporarily set to dir while loading. The file is not loaded if it was previously loaded into the database. To see what master files are currently loaded, call:

   loadedSystems() -> Bag of Charstring

The value of OS environment variable var.

   getenv(Charstring var)->Charstring value

Generates an error of variable not set.

Print an error message msg on the console and raises an exception:

   error(Charstring msg) -> Boolean


autosave(Boolean stat)->Boolean


auto_commit(Boolean stat)->Boolean

current_fn_status(Charstring status)->Charstring


Delete the current database image

error(Charstring msg)->Boolean

Throw an error with message msg

error(Charstring msg,Object o)->Boolean

Throw an error with message msg for object o

extlang(Charstring lang)->Boolean

Enable access to external programming language lang



load_extension(Charstring ext)->Boolean

Load plugin named ext

new_vector(Integer dim,Object e)->Vector


new_vector(Integer dim)->Vector

Return a vector with dim nulls

object_numbered(Integer i)->Object

oid_no(Object o)->Integer i

The number identifying surrogate object o

reload_extension(Charstring ext)->Boolean

save_database(Charstring image)->Charstring


Save current database image on disk

set_final(Charstring fn)->Boolean

Declare function fn as final (no late binding)

set_resulttypes(Object fn,Charstring lfn)->Bag of Function

set_stateful(Charstring fn)->Bag of Function

Declare all resolvents of function named fn to be stateful


stateful(Function fno)->Boolean

Is resolvent fno stateful?

unnest_arguments(Function fn)->Boolean

whenzero(Number x,Number dflt)->Number

Value dflt when x=0