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Model management


aws_cf:available(Record repo)->Bag of Charstring m

aws_cf:url_generator(Charstring name,Record repo,Charstring model,
Charstring version)->Charstring

download_textfile(Charstring path,Charstring file)->Charstring fullpath

Download file in path under sa_home()

github:url_generator(Charstring name,Record repo,Charstring model,
Charstring version)->Charstring

loadedsystem(Charstring file)->Boolean

Is master file loaded?

loadedsystems()->Bag of Charstring

Table of loaded OSQL master files

loadsystem(Charstring d,Charstring file)->Charstring

Load master file with OSQL commands in directory d

load_data(Charstring model,Charstring file)->Charstring

Load data file in model into database

migrate_database(Charstring model,Charstring file)->Charstring

Migrate unloaded database in file of model to current database schema

models:add_github_repo(Charstring name,Charstring organization,
Charstring repository,Charstring auth_token)->Boolean

models:add_official_repository(Charstring name,Charstring jwt)->Boolean

models:available()->Bag of Charstring

Same as models:available("default")

models:available(Charstring repo)->Bag of Charstring

Get models available as repo

models:create(Charstring model)->Charstring

Create a new user model

models:create_release(Charstring model,Charstring version)->Charstring

Create version of model - Unsigned.

models:create_release(Charstring model,Charstring version,Charstring ca_name,
Charstring pkey,Charstring pw)->Charstring

Create a signed release version of model using the supplied ca private key and optional password for private key.

models:deploy(Vector of Charstring peers,Charstring model)->Stream of Charstring

Install model on peers

models:deploy(Vector of Charstring peers,Charstring model,
Boolean upload_from_client)->Stream of Charstring

Install model on peers if upload_from_client is true then the model is first uploaded from the local client to the nameserver before deployment.

models:files(Charstring model)->Bag of (Charstring,Charstring)

Relative paths to all files in user model


This user's model folder

models:folder(Charstring model)->Charstring

The folder of user defined model

models:functions(Charstring model)->Bag of Function

Functions belonging to model


models:import(Charstring model,Charstring version)->Charstring

same as models:import("default",model,version)

models:import(Charstring repo,Charstring model,Charstring version)->Charstring

Import version of model from models:repository with name repo

models:install(Charstring file,Charstring name,Charstring version)->Charstring

models:installed()->Bag of Charstring

Get a bag of all locally installed models.

models:is_published(Charstring repo,Charstring model,Charstring version)

Check if version of model is published on repo

models:is_published(Charstring model,Charstring version)->Boolean

same as models:is_published("default",model,version)

models:list()->Bag of Charstring

The current user defined models

models:load(Charstring model)->Charstring

Install user model on Stream Server

models:loaded()->Bag of Charstring

The user models currently in database

models:load_local(Charstring model)->Charstring

Install local user model

models:publish(Charstring repo,Charstring model,Charstring version)->Charstring

Publish version of model on repo. Note that you must have created a local release with the model and version before publishing it. See:


models:publish(Charstring model,Charstring version)->Charstring

Same as models:publish("default",model,version)

models:repository(Charstring name)->Record

Stored function for keeping track of repositories to install model from. name must be unique and the record has the following format:

"url": "http(s)://",
"base_path": "/models/",
"http_headers": {
"authorization": "token-for-auth",
"header2": "another header needed for connection",
"headerN"; "Header n"

You may add more fields to the record for your convenience but sa.enigne will not look at any other fields that these.

models:test(Charstring model)->Charstring

Load and execute tests of user model

models:update_repository_configurations(Record input)->Boolean

send_textfile_to_peer(Charstring peer,Charstring file)->Charstring fullpath

sfcz:pack_folder(Charstring folder,Charstring destination,
Vector of Charstring ignored)->Charstring

sfcz:unpack(Charstring file,Charstring destination,Boolean verbose)->Charstring

system_models:file(Charstring filename)->Charstring

Get the full file name of a system model file


Get the full path name of system model file folder

system_models:folder(Charstring model)->Charstring

The folder of system defined model

system_models:load(Charstring model)->Charstring

Load system model named model

system_models:loaded()->Bag of Charstring

The system models currently in database

unload_database(Charstring model,Charstring file)->Charstring

Unload current user database to file in model

unload_schema(Charstring model,Charstring file)->Charstring

Unload user model into OSQL file script

upload_folder_to_server(Charstring peer,Charstring subfolder_on_server,
Charstring model)->Bag of Charstring