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lpcascore(Bag of (Vector of Number,Object),Number d)->(Vector of Number,
Object label)

Compute the d principal components of the data vectors in b

pca(Bag of Vector of Number)->(Vector of Number,Matrix _v3)

pcascore(Bag of Vector of Number b,Number d)->Vector of Number

Compute the principal components of dimension d for the data vectors in b

rank_dimensions(Bag of Vector of Number observations)->Bag of (Number,Number)

Rank the dimensions in a set of observations by their variances

rank_pca_dim(Vector sorted_pca)->Bag of (Number,Number)

Rank the dimensions in a set of sorted PCA vectors by their variances

sortpca(Vector of Number val,Matrix vec)->Vector

Sort the output from pca() according to the eigenvalue magnitude

unlabel(Bag of (Vector of Number,Object))->Vector of Number v