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System meta-data

The data that the system internally uses for maintaining the database is exposed to OSQL and can be queried in terms of types and functions as other data. For example, the types and functions used in the database are accessible through system functions, so it is possible to search the database for types and functions and how they relate.

Accessing function signatures

The function arguments returns a vector describing arguments of signature of resolvent r:

   arguments(Function r) -> Bag of Vector`

Each element in the vector is a triplet (vector) describing one of the arguments with structure [type,name,uniqueness] where type is the type of the argument, name is the name of the argument, and uniqueness is either key or nonkey depending on the declaration of the argument.



returns the vector of vectors

   [ [#[OID 371 "TIMEVAL"],"TV1","nonkey"],
[#[OID 371 "TIMEVAL"],"TV2","nonkey"] ]`

Analogous to arguments(f) the function results(f) returns a description of the results of function f:

   results(Function r) -> Bag of Vector


allfunctions()->Bag of Function f

All functions in database

allfunctions(Type t)->Bag of Function

All functions having argument or result of type t


All surrogate objects in the database

allobjects(Type t)->Bag o

All surrogate objects of type t

allsubtypes(Type t)->Type

All types under type t in type hierarchy

allsupertypes(Type t)->Bag of Type

All supertypes above type t in the type hierarchy

alltypes()->Bag of Type t

All non-parameterized types in database

argument_types(Function f)->Vector of Type

The argument types of function f

arity(Function f)->Integer

The number of arguments of function f

attributes(Type t)->Bag of Function

The generic names of all single argument functions of typet

calledby(Function f)->Bag of Function r

The functions calling function f

calledby_somehow(Function f)->Bag of Function

The functions calling f directly or indirectly

calls(Function f)->Bag of Function

The functions called by function f

calls_somehow(Function f)->Bag of Function g

The functions called by function f directly or indirectly

cardinality(Type t)->Integer

The number of objects of type t

deep_extent(Type tp)->Object

extent(Type t)->Object o

The objects belonging to type t

extent(Function f)->Bag of Vector

The tuples of function f

functionnamed(Charstring nm)->Function f

The function named nm

generic(Function r)->Function g

The generic function of function f

generic_name(Function f)->Charstring

The generic name of function f

kindoffunction(Function f)->Charstring

The kind of fuction f as one of stored, derived, foreign, or overloaded

methods(Type t)->Bag of Function

The functions having one argument of type t

name(Function f)->Charstring

The name of function f

name(Type t)->Charstring

the name of type t

resolvents(Function f)->Bag of Function

The resolvents of function f

resolvents(Charstring fn)->Bag of Function

The resolvents of the generic function named fn

resolventtype(Function f)->Type

The type of the first argument of resolvent f

result_types(Function f)->Vector of Type

The result types of function f

root_type(Type t)->Type

The root type of a parameterized type t

signature(Type t)->Charstring

The signature of type t

signature(Function f)->Bag of Charstring

The signature of resolvent f or the signatures of all resolvents of the generic function f

subtypes(Type t)->Bag of Type

The types one level below type t in the type hierarchy

supertypes(Type t)->Type

The types one level above type t in the type hierarchy

thefunction(Charstring fn)->Function

The function named fn. An error is raised if no function is named fn

thefunctions(Vector of Charstring fns)->Vector of Function

Vector of functions with names fns

theresolvent(Charstring fn)->Function

If fn is the name of a resolvent return it. If fn is a generic function with a single resolvent return the resolvent. Raise an error if there more than one resolvent of the genetic fn

thetbr(Function f,Charstring bpat)->Function

The TBR of function f for binding pattern bpat

thetype(Charstring tn)->Type

The type named tn. An error is raised if no type is named tn

typenamed(Charstring nm)->Type t

The type named nm

typeof_object(Object o)->Type


The types of object o

userfunction(Function f)->Boolean

Is function f a user defined function?

userfunctions()->Bag of Function f

All user defined functions

userobject(Object o)->Boolean

Is o a user defined object?

usersupertypes(Type t)->Bag of Type s

Find the user defined types above type t in type hierarchy

usertype(Type t)->Boolean

Is type t a user defined type?

usertypes()->Bag of Type t

All user defined types

vref(Object o,Object i)->Object

width(Function f)->Integer

The width of function f