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Visual Analyzer


va(Charstring connection,Charstring server)->Boolean

Run the Visual Analyzer on port 3001


Run the Visual Analyzer on port 3001


Stored options for the visual analyzer default is none. The record may contain the following options: auth - Boolean, enable login on the visual analyzer. Add users to the visual analyzer with the function _va_create_user(Charstring user, Charstring pw) port - Number, the portnumber for http access to the visual analyzer server - Charstring, name of default sa.engine server connected to the nameserver to send queries to. ca - Charstring, path to certificate authority (.crt) file used for https access key - Charstring, path to private key file (.key) to use for https access cert - Charstring, path to certificate file (.crt) for the private key to use for https access httpsPort - Number port to use for https access, if https is enabled http port will redirect to this port. All of the https options must be set for https to be enabled.


Start a Stream Server and web server, but no browser