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SA Studio can visualize the streams from SA Engine in many different ways. Text is the most general visualization method and can be used to view any data. The four most common visualization methods are Line plot, Bar plot, Scatter plot, and Parallel Coordinates.

You choose visualization method by clicking the scroll list at the bottom of the code window.

Visualization selector


Some of the visualization methods in the scroll list are deprecated and no longer documented.

Basic visualization typesDescription
TextDisplay output as plain text. This works for all outputs.
Text singleDisplay a single line which gets updated with every new value in an output stream.
Line plotPlot values as one or more lines i a diagram.
Bar plotPlot values as bars.
Pie chartPlot ratio of values in a Vector or Record as a pie chart.
Scatter plotPlot values as points in a 2D plane.
AutomaticTry to choose the visualization based on the output format.
Advanced visualization typesDescription
AudioPlot sound wave and frequencies (and output sound to speakers).
Parallel coordinatesPlot values in a parallel coordinate system.
Multi plotCombine many different plot types.
Geo JSONOutput overlayed on Google Maps.

All these visualizations can work with the same type of data.

Data type categories

There are two categories of data types: Incremental data types and Batch data types.

When visualizing the incremental data types the visualization method keeps a brief history of length depending on the visualization.

Incremental data types:

Vector of number
Timeval of Number
Timeval of Vector of Number
Timeval of Record

When visualizing a batch data type, the whole graph is re-rendered without any history.

Batch data types:

Vector of Vector of Number
Vector of Record
Timeval of Vector of Vector of Number
Timeval of Vector of Record
Vector of Timeval of Vector of Number
Vector of Timeval of Record