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SA Engine reference

This is the reference documentation for SA Engine. It contains the OSQL language reference guide, the OSQL functions categorized under different topics, the REST API and documents describing the APIs for building plugins -- or embedding SA Engine as a callable application -- in different languages.

OSQL Reference

The OSQL reference covers the exact definitions of OSQL statements and their syntax. It explains how to make queries and define models over both streaming and stale data. It documents how to use the main memory database residing inside each peer, where models and meta-data are stored. You can define, populate, update and query the local database. Meta-data and models are there represented by user defined types, functions and objects.

OSQL Functions

The OSQL Functions section lists the function definitions related to each topic.


The WEBHOOK API describes how you can control SA Engine using HTTP requests.

Plugin/client APIs

You can write plugins to SA Engine in a multitude of languages (C, C++, Lisp, Java, etc) and you can also embed SA Engine as a client in these languages as well. This makes extending SA Engine with custom plugins very easy. And it also facilitates using SA Engine as part of your own application. The plugin/client APIs section contains documents describing the plugin and client APIs.